Black Onyx Cufflinks


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Our Black Onyx Cufflinks are androgynous in style and inimitable in design. A play on combining organic and linear forms with a natural sense of fluidity. These handcrafted, luxurious cufflinks exude an air of timeless sophistication.

The Black Onyx Cufflinks are also available in Lapis Lazuli.

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0.8 inches (Length) x 0.7 inches (Width)

All measurements are approximate and may vary slightly due to the handcrafted finish and use of natural gemstones in each piece.

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Onyx is popularly used in jewellery and ornamental pieces, especially cameo and intaglio engravings. While Onyx has mixed symbolism, some describe it as a protector for harmonious relationships with the contrast between its black and white layers as indicative of the love between two people.  The Mother of Pearl shell also provides protection from negative energy and emanates qualities of maternal soothing and love. In particular, it believed to attract prosperity. 

Director’s Note:

Inspired by the nature of gender fluid pieces, our AZURE cufflinks are androgynous in style. 

Adorned by a female model during a shoot, these cufflinks looked spectacularly chic and reaffirmed the notion that one must not be limited by traditional stereotypes of who can wear what type of jewellery piece. Thus, it seemed only fitting that our cufflinks which aesthetically combine organic with linear forms, have the same natural fluidity in its functionality. 

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Weight 0.5 kg

Black Onyx, Mother of Pearl


Rhodium Plated, Sterling Silver

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Black Onyx Cufflinks

Black Onyx Cufflinks